European Russia
The Russian Revolution
This depends on which revolution you want to know about. As conditons grew worse in Russia, the Russian people began to look elsewhere (and therefor to extremes) to find soltuions to their problems. The main poltical extreme that they turned to was the left wing communists or Marxists as they are sometimes refered to as. The first major revolution that emerged from this political unrest was the March Revolution. This was when 250,000 workers (and soldiers) in Petrograd went on strike, causing the city to completely shut down and was the reason of the abdication of Tsar Nicholas. The next revolution, known as Lenin's Revolution (or the Bolshevik Revolution), was of course lead by Vladimir Ilich Lenin. Lenin's plan was to support the peasants (the proletariate of the country) in claiming their land for themselves, something that was promised to them by the government born out of the revolution prior. When Lenin had collected enough political and man power, he invaded key areas of the city of Petrograd and in a week had control of most of European Russia.
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The Balfour Declaration
This was a declaration written up by Britain that describeb exactly what the status of a Dominion was. It also stated that Britain was for a national jewish homeland in Palestine.
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