Mussolini takes power
Mussolini, or Il Duce, and his facist party was elected into office after his attack on Rome, where in he was asked by King Victor Emmanuel III to form a new government. Mussolini's government was the first facist party to ever lead a country.
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The Dawes plan
This was a plan thought of by an American that said that Germany could pay it's reperations in sections each year, and that the overall debt would be reduced.
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The Corfu incedent
Five Italians were shot on the Greek island of Corfu while investigating the frontier between Greece and Albania. Mussolini used this as an excuse to occupy Corfu, which lead to the Greek government appealing to the League of Nations. Their final decision was to force the Greek government to pay a large amount of money to Mussolini in return for him leaving the island. This was a sign of an argument being solved without having to go to war.

The Beer Hall Putsch
After the effects were felt from the Treaty of Versailles, people in Germany began getting desperate. One sign of this was an incident which began in a Munich beer hall where this guy named Adolf Hitler and a few of his buddies (calling themselves the Nazis) marched off to the City center, where they were met with police and were promptly shot at. Hitler was arrested and thrown in jail, where he wrote his book Mein Kampf, which was to be the Nazi bible.
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The Treaty of Lausanne
The Treaty of Lausanne was a revision of the old Treaty of Sevres. The new treaty stated that Turkey would regain Eastern Thrace and it was left free of foreign troops.
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